Dealing with the pain that you or a loved one suffer because of the negligence of someone else–be it a person or institution–can be very difficult to go through. Getting fair compensation for all that’s been suffered can be even more difficult. Even seemingly simple personal injury cases require a significant level of legal detail to secure a fair settlement. And when the defendant is an organization ranging from a nursing home to a hospital to a large corporation to the government itself? Then the task of getting fairness and equity from the legal system can seem overwhelming. But that’s exactly the point where Mann Blake & Jackson step in.


Our team of lawyers and dedicated staff take on the most difficult cases and we have a track record of winning these kinds of cases. We’ve won verdicts of settlements ranging upwards of $50 million dollars. We embrace cases that involve a high degree of scientific inquiry, and we work with whistleblowers. With a focus on catastrophic injury, wrongful death and personal injury, Mann Blake & Jackson also handles a range of cases that can include product liability, nursing home abuse and other forms of medical malpractice. We aren’t afraid of high-stakes litigation and the insurance company attorneys we negotiate with know it.

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Since 2020, the three partners at Mann Blake & Jackson have all been honored as the “Legal Elite of the Midlands”. Our legal victories and peer recognition is not something from long ago–it’s something that is happening today right here in the Columbia area. We’re proud to be led by the following three lawyers.

Shaun C. Blake, Esq.

The grandson of one of the victims/survivors of the contaminated water scandal at Camp Lejeune, Attorney Blake works in business litigation, ranging from construction to real estate and much more. He has further background in litigating personal injury cases.

Jenkins Mann, Esq.

The son of a South Carolina trial lawyer, Attorney Mann has been in courtrooms since he was 16 years old. Today he helps clients in the areas of catastrophic personal injury, nursing home abuse and neglect, and wrongful death.

Wes Jackson, Esq.

With a deep background in the healthcare industry that goes back nearly 20 years, Attorney Jackson excels in cases impacting nursing homes, hospitals, other medical facilities, and the government agencies that regulate them. His experience includes working with whistleblowers on fraud cases.

When your case involves big financial stakes with well-heeled defendants, it’s not enough to just put a lawyer on your side. You want an attorney who has proven they can take on big opponents and come out triumphant on the other side. We can. We have. And we’ll fight for you.