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South Carolina Hospice Care Abuse Lawyers

A person’s last days on earth should be a time when they’re treated with dignity and respect. That’s the purpose of hospice care. It’s a harsh reality though, that even in a time like this, people can still be physically abused. A South Carolina hospice care abuse lawyer from our office can help the family of a victim investigate and, if appropriate, file a lawsuit to get some measure of justice for a person who is either dying or now deceased.

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What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice care happens when a doctor has determined that there is no realistic possibility for a patient to live very much longer. The precise length of time the patient has to live can vary, but it can be short as days and it’s not uncommon for hospice to last for a few months. The purpose is to focus on keeping the patient comfortable, while meeting their spiritual and physical needs in these last days.

As such, hospice care involves a range of medical personnel from doctors to nurses to health aides. It also commonly involves clergy or ministers from the religion a patient may have practiced during their life. Physical therapists may be involved. Being in hospice does not mean that the patient is mentally or physically incapacitated. It simply indicates that they are not likely to recover from a terminal illness. Therefore, a physical therapist might be important in helping a patient stay comfortable.

Hospice has become more commonplace over the past several decades. It is a service that is covered by Medicare and good hospice care practices are shown to have mitigated the problem of depression in those who are gravely ill.

Examples of Hospice Care Abuse

Poor medical care can be one way that abuse happens in hospice situations. Has the patient ever been turned over on their side to help avoid, or at least alleviate bed sores? If not, this can be a form of abuse by neglect. Or perhaps the patient was physically abused directly.

There have been horrific cases of sexual abuse against those in hospice. Of course, this is a criminal offense as well, subject to charges from the District Attorney’s office. But, if proven, it is also a matter that can be adjudicated by civil courts, with damages paid to the victim’s estate or their family.

Hospice care abuse need not be deliberately done. Simple incompetence in administering medication or other treatment is abuse, so long as negligence can be proven. Negligence is the core requirement of any personal injury case like this, and establishing it will be the task of our South Carolina hospice care abuse attorney.

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How Do You Prove Hospice Care Abuse?

What to look for will depend on the exact circumstances of each specific case. We can say that it’s important to always step back and look at the whole picture. Let’s take a scenario where a hospice patient was administered the wrong medication and that this caused them immense pain.

The health aide might have genuinely made an honest mistake. But was it the type of honest mistake that can happen to anyone or was it the result of not doing their job with appropriate care? If it was the latter, was the aide overworked, with more patients than there was time to deal with? If so, the negligence might lie with management, for using staffing protocols that made mistakes more likely.

Expert witness testimony in cases like this can be important. How often should a patient have been turned over on their side or taken for a walk? How often should they have been looked in on? These are questions that the ordinary people who make up a jury won’t know off hand. Expert witnesses, who work in the field, offer the insights necessary to understand whether proper standards of care were being followed. Our South Carolina hospice abuse lawyers are appropriately networked with the expert witnesses that are necessary in medical malpractice lawsuits.

When a reasonable standard of care is not applied, then negligence exists. When negligence exists, the plaintiff can secure financial damages on behalf of the victim.

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Just because a person is dying, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve dignity and respect. The imminence or occurrence of death doesn’t mean someone violated doesn’t deserve justice. Mann Blake & Jackson fights hard for the victims of hospice care abuse and their families. We investigate diligently and we advocate relentlessly. 

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