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If you work for a company that you believe is violating the law or acting dishonestly, such as by committing fraud, you should speak with an experienced Columbia whistleblower lawyer who can help ensure you have a valid case, protect you from retaliation, and effectively guide you through each step of the process. Contact Mann, Blake & Jackson today.

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Here at Mann, Blake, & Jackson, we believe that there are few things more important than employees who are willing to uphold the law and hold their companies responsible for any wrongdoing. If you are looking to hold your company accountable for illicit activity, we are here to help.

What to Know About Qui Tam Lawsuits

Qui Tams, or Whistleblower Suits, arise when an individual has knowledge that medical providers, hospitals, nursing homes, or other companies or individuals who bill the Government for services or products, have engaged in efforts to defraud the Government. Most often, these cases arise in the context of Health Care Fraud, Banking and Mortgage Lending Fraud, Defense Contracting, Disaster Relief, and Grant Fraud.

The Government’s primary tool for combatting this fraud is the False Claims Act, which allows private citizens to act as whistleblowers and sue those committing fraud on behalf of the Government. By filing “qui tam” lawsuits pursuant to the False Claims Act, each year whistleblowers help stop the fraud they are privy to, help return billions of dollars to the government that has been wrongly received due to fraud, and receive a sizeable portion of the money they helped recover.

Whistleblowers are a critical part of the system and can many times represent the only potential for exposing fraud. Ultimately, this not only helps protect our health care system but it can also help save the lives of patients across the entire system.

The key to any successful qui tam suit is hiring a lawyer who understands the complex laws that determine if the alleged activity is fraudulent and, more importantly, if the potential whistleblower has a claim that can be brought under the law. Lawyers who handle these types of cases must have experience working with the Government and have a complete and thorough understanding of the intricate processes that must be followed to successfully bring a qui tam suit.

Too many times, attorneys unfamiliar with these laws mislead potential whistleblowers into situations that jeopardize their claims or expose them to potential employer retaliation. Fortunately, lawyers experienced in navigating these cases understand the False Claims Act and the significant protections it affords employees from employer retaliation. You can rely on a Columbia whistleblower lawyer here at Mann, Blake & Jackson to effectively handle your case.

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The attorneys at Mann, Blake & Jackson have decades of combined experience in working with health care professionals, employees, and other professionals in virtually every avenue relating to government fraud. If you are aware of healthcare or other types of fraud, contact the attorneys at Mann, Blake & Jackson and let us advise you in relating to these critical matters to ensure you make the best decision possible to protect you and your family and ensure your case is given the focused and experienced attention it deserves.