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The human brain exercises an amazing level of control over our bodies and emotions. Everything from fine motor skills to memory to the regulation of hunger and right down to breathing itself is controlled by the brain. It stands to reason then, that serious injuries to the brain can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Getting a fair settlement in tragic cases that might have been prevented comes down to having a Columbia, SC traumatic brain injury lawyer who understands all that must be considered in the final settlement. 

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Common Ways Brain Injuries Occur

It can be scary to think of the number of normal, everyday activities might result in a brain injury. The most common causes can from simple falls, maybe out of bed or off a ladder. The elderly can be uniquely susceptible to a brain injury that comes from a fall in the bathtub. A car accident case could end up with a brain injury is someone struck their head. 

Kids that play sports can be susceptible to brain injuries. Football is certainly an example, with the possibility of head-to-head collisions. But head collisions can also occur in everything form soccer to lacrosse, and in those cases, helmets aren’t involved. 

Sometimes accidents really are just accidents, where no one person is at fault. There are other cases though, when a Columbia, SC traumatic brain injury attorney can demonstrate that a duty of care was breached. From the person that didn’t put the right precautions in place in their home, to the driver who operated their vehicle recklessly, to the school that didn’t follow the right safety protocols in their sports programs. All are possible sources of negligence, meaning there is a case for a lawsuit. 

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Physical symptoms can start with something as basic as a headache and escalate to nausea and fatigue. Dizziness loss of balance and difficulty speaking are major red flags. The person who has suffered a brain injury can have their senses altered, suffering anything from a ringing in the ears to impact on their taste and smell. 

Small children are vulnerable to brain injuries, and it’s good to monitor their eating or nursing habits in the immediate aftermath of an incident. A parent that notices an increase in their child’s irritability levels after a risky fall can have the child given a CAT scan to make sure everything is okay. 

But what if everything is not okay? Understanding all the symptoms and connecting them to the injury will be an important part of calculating damages. The executive who can no longer multi-task has lost more than the just the short-term expenses of medical treatment and even more the long-term expenses of rehab. They have lost their career, at least for the foreseeable future. 

That’s just one example. A person whose job requires fine motor skills, from a mechanic to a surgeon to a seamstress, has suffered a grave blow to their ability to earn a living. One of the many factors an attorney must consider is the promotions and opportunities that will now not be earned—in addition to the immediate costs. 

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Rehabilitation From a Traumatic Brain Injury

The road to rehab starts with all the treatment that may be required in the hospital, from surgery to any other form of emergency care. The injured plaintiff can then be transferred to a rehab facility where work can be done on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. 

Every case will be different, depending on the severity of the injuries and what part of the brain was impacted. It’s important to emphasize that the road is likely to be a long one. The plaintiff’s Columbia, SC traumatic brain injury lawyer can consult with medical experts prior to the settlement to gain an understanding of just how much ongoing rehab is to be anticipated and how to fairly calculate the costs. 

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