Newberry County Nursing Home Lawyer

Newberry County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

There are few things more disturbing than discovering that the nursing home facility that you trusted to care for your loved one has actually been abusing them. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many families throughout the state of South Carolina, and if you find yourself in this situation, you should strongly consider speaking with a competent Newberry County nursing home abuse lawyer right here at our firm. Mann, Blake & Jackson is here to fight for you and your family, every step of the way. Contact us today.

Should I Hire a Newberry County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer?

All too often, nursing homes being accused of abuse or neglect of residents will do everything in their power to fight the allegations made against them. This is because, like most businesses, they often care most about their bottom line. This is why you should never try to take on a nursing home without a competent Newberry County nursing home lawyer on your side. Our firm also has significant experience helping clients who are victims of abuse through various other cases, including the following:

Nursing Home Abuse Cases | What You Should Do

Nursing home abuse isn’t always apparent at first, which is why it is critical that you keep an eye out for any potential signs of abuse at all times. These can include bedsores, a person suddenly becoming withdrawn or frightened, unexplained bruises, wandering, unclean nursing homes, and more. If you see any of the aforementioned, you should document the facts of the incident(s) and call the police if you believe your loved one is in imminent danger. You can also report the abuse to the SCDOA Long Term Care Ombudsman at 1-800-868-9095. Once you do, you should speak with an attorney from our firm who can file an elder abuse claim on your behalf.

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Our firm also has decades of experience representing accident victims in Newberry County and throughout South Carolina who’ve been hurt in a wide array of scenarios, including:

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Nursing home neglect or abuse victims, as well as their families, need a law firm they can trust. We are that firm, and we are prepared to fight for you, each step of the way. Contact Mann, Blake & Jackson today to schedule your free case evaluation with our firm.