The Top 4 Causes of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

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What Causes Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

Nursing home abuse and neglect is a serious problem that affects many elderly individuals in the United States. It can cause physical, emotional, and psychological harm to those who are vulnerable and unable to protect themselves. Knowing what causes nursing home abuse and neglect can help you avoid it and ensure your loved ones are safe when placed in a nursing home.

1. Understaffing

One of the leading causes of nursing home abuse is understaffing. When there are not enough staff members to take care of all the residents, it can lead to negligence or even intentional mistreatment. This is especially true if staff members become overwhelmed with their workloads. If a nursing home does not have enough employees, it’s essential to look for another one that does.

2. Poorly Trained Employees

Another reason for nursing home abuse is poorly trained employees. Employees with inadequate training are more likely to make mistakes or act negligently when taking care of residents. Poorly trained employees may lack empathy for elderly individuals or fail to recognize signs of distress or discomfort from residents. The best way to avoid this issue is by researching the training process of potential nursing homes before placing your loved one in one.

3. Lack of Supervision

Nursing homes should be supervised at all times to prevent any mistreatment or negligence from happening. Unfortunately, some nursing homes lack proper supervision, which can lead to incidents of abuse going unnoticed for long periods until other residents or family members report them. Make sure you ask about the level of supervision a facility provides before making any decisions about placement for your loved one.

4. Unsanitary Conditions

Unsanitary conditions in nursing homes can contribute to the spread of infection and disease, putting vulnerable elderly people at risk for serious health problems such as sepsis or pneumonia. Unsanitary conditions also create an environment where it is easier for staff members to act negligently towards residents without fear of repercussions because no one notices right away what is happening due to the facility's lack of cleanliness. Be sure to thoroughly check out any potential facilities before considering them as an option for your loved one's care needs.

South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawyer

No matter which facility you choose as a place for your loved one, it’s important that you know what causes nursing home abuse and neglect so that you can be sure they are receiving quality care. Even with the best research, things can still go awry. If you or a loved one have been abused or neglected in a nursing home, it is essential that you contact an experienced nursing home attorney.

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